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Need for speed - How to use eZ Find search fetch instead of standard content list/tree fetch

Tuesday 13 July 2010 10:27:45 am

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Step 5: Leveraging what is beyond the standard functionality

A few features that standard content fetch functions do not have and eZ Find does (and that are rather usable) :

Text search

Text search is the most powerful feature you can use. Searching for more words can be configured with “AND” or “OR” logic. Special signs “+” and “-” are used for defining obligatory and negative search terms if there are more of them. Quoting more words searches for exact phrases.


Facets are tools for drilling down within fetch results. There are extremely useful for giving user more information about the data presented by showing number of nodes per facet and by giving possibility to refine results with clicks. All information about facets is returned within the same result set so only one fetch is needed.

eZ Find facets


More info :


Boosting is usable only when sorting by relevance. Can be :

  • defined ad-hoc in query, e.g. attr_name_t^1.5
  • configured within ezfind.ini [IndexBoost] section based on meta fields, class, attributes, etc

More on boosting :


Highlighting is usable only when searching for text. Can emphasize search terms in context where they appear.

eZ Find highlighting



Spell check is also usable only when searching for text. Can show suggestions for corrected terms based on indexed values.

eZ Find spellchecking


More info :



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