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Need for speed - How to use eZ Find search fetch instead of standard content list/tree fetch

Tuesday 13 July 2010 10:27:45 am

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Step 6: How to ponder the replacement of a legacy fetch by eZ Find’s search



  • Speed, speed & speed
  • Score ranking
  • Native functionalities: search, facets, boosting, elevation, highlighting, etc.
  • Shards for multi language sites
  • No need for extra count function
  • Simpler and more powerful filtering
  • Speed


  • Data duplication heavily dependent on syncing to be up-to-date
  • No sort by priority nor depth (could be easily implemented by storing this information as meta fields)
  • No main_node_only switch
  • No class excluding in query, just an ini setting
  • Filtering can use only data in the index (which is a subset of data from the database) and there is no way of defining extended filter in PHP

Some ideas for eZ Find improvements

  • Increase robustness for indexing to be sure that all data is indexed
  • Index more meta data like depth, priority, main node bool, etc.
  • Directly index binary files in Solr


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