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Transforming jQuery plugins into eZ publish extensions

Friday 11 February 2011 1:06:54 pm

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In this tutorial we will see the main steps to transform a jQuery plugin into an eZ publish extension, in this case an eZ flow block.


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JQuery is a javascript library known for the huge amount of plugins available for download, which can be used to decrease the development time of a site and avoid having to re-invent the wheel where plugins could be re-used. Using these plugins with eZ publish, especially with the package eZ flow, usually requires a few modifications.

This tutorial gives an overview of how to transform jQuery plugin into an eZ Flow block, the steps described here can be used for other types of extensions such as datatypes, modules or design extensions.


Pre-requisites and target population

To understand this tutorial basic knowledge is required on developing extensions for eZ publish and javascript / jquery development. An indicated tutorial for learning how to develop extensions on eZ Publish is :

An Introduction to Developing eZ Publish Extensions

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