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Translating Content in eZ Publish

Friday 31 August 2007 3:00:00 pm

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All text content in eZ Publish can be translated to multiple languages. Having only one website to administer is efficient and makes it easier to maintain a consistent brand across languages and countries. Site visitors can choose from a list the language in which to view a site.

This article is the eighth and final article in a series focusing on concepts and features discussed in the newly released book eZ Publish Content Management Basics. It provides an introduction to working with multilingual content in eZ Publish. It explains how to create new translations and describes the powerful translation tools built into eZ Publish. The target audience for this article includes all content editors working with multilingual eZ Publish websites.


Translation management is performed via the eZ Publish Website Interface or Administration Interface. Readers can review the access requirements for the Website Interface and Administration Interface from the previous articles in this series.

In order to be able to translate content, your eZ Publish website must have more than one language installed. Contact your site administrator or webmaster regarding the available languages and what is set up for your site.

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