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Translating & Localizing eZ Publish using GIT

Tuesday 22 February 2011 11:53:42 am

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How to collaborate

When using GIT, the collaboration process looks as follows :


How many times do i do this ?

What is is exactly ?

1. Fork Once Creating a copy of the main eZ Publish repository, logically linked with the original one. The GIT way. All it takes is one click.
2. Create localization branch Once Keeping your localization efforts in a clean space in your GIT version of eZ Publish. Lets you work on other parts of eZ Publish if you want to, with no conflict. Branching is seamless with GIT.
3. Do changes + Commit At least once Make changes, commit, and repeat if you want to do several independent changes.
4. Push At least once Synchronizing your local GIT clone with your account on github. After you have pushed you can ask people for feedback on your commits and then re-iterate 2 and 3 until you are happy with the state of your branch, at that point you can create a “Pull Request” (see further below).
5. Emit a pull request At least once Once satisfied with your localization job, sending your changes back to the main eZ Publish GIT repository, so that others can see them or elaborate on them. This happens on Github, and is equivalent to asking the ‘ezsystems’ user to merge in your changes.

As you could notice we start using the GIT/Github jargon here. If you are not super acquainted with it, we recommend to read the appendix section. Let us dive into the details of this workflow.

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