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Share Your Expertise

A large knowledge base is freely available in the eZ Community. Tutorials and articles, ranging from simple "how-tos" explaining basic concepts for eZ Publish, to advanced topics like performance optimization, and through detailed use of specific components in eZ Publish. tutorials and articles are core materials for knowledge exchange within the community. They allow for a constant, up-to-date educational process for all community members.

Have you seen a shortage of such material? Or  feel like writing up a real-life experience with community peers? It is time to share you expertise: write a tutorial!

We are not asking for a novel. A focused, step-by-step  tutorial is a great way to communicate technical concepts. Visual and illustrated pieces of content are gold. Even better? Screencast tutorials, accompanied with the necessary descriptive textl content.

To get you started, we've prepared a tutorial template, ready for use.


How to write a tutorial

  1. Download this template and use it for basic formatting. It ensures that all downloadable PDF versions are consistent, and gives editorial tips: [ODT version] [DOC version].
  2. Contact us at community @ when you are ready to start writing. This will help us coordinate efforts if two people propose the same topic.
  3. Send an email to community @, attaching your article. A short review process will begin, and we'll collaborate with you on any requested revisions.
  4. Once completed and edited, the tutorial will be posted to our Learn site.

Please note that writing an article is the most remunerative activity in the Community Program (read more here) and that any submitted tutorial is eligible to receive the "Tutorial of the Year" award at the eZ Conference in June, each year.


Proposed topics

Below is a list of topics the broad community would like to have knowledge on, which is currently missing or incomplete. These topics were harvested along time, and are not exhaustive. Should you feel something is missing, feel free to drop an email to about this.



eZ Find

  • How to easily set-up eZ Find and implement new facets in the search engine on an existing eZ Publish site.
  • How to create your own advanced search page
  • How to master relevancy tuning (boosting & ranking)
  • How to index and search multiple sites
  • How to indexing an external data source
  • How to use geo-tagging and eZ Find (See: webinar about eZ Find:

eZ Flow

  • How to extend and customize eZ Flow

Multi-channel publishing

  • Make an iPad optimized siteaccess for your eZ Publish site
  • Using XML export extension to automatically export content to various destinations and formats including: Native eZ Publish XML, NewsML and Indesign

Cloud, Hosting, Performances & System

  • How to create and roll-out an EC2 virtual machine for eZ Publish and host it on the cloud
  • Install the MsOffice / OOO conversion utilities to have your eZ Publish working with the Microsoft suite
  • How to write a Cluster-friendly extension
  • How-to use a reverse proxy with eZ Publish
  • How to use eZ Publish static cache
  • Fine-tuning day: step-by-step optimization of your eZ Publish site
  • How to configure eZ Publish with content delivery platforms for high traffic sites. How you can deliver advanced caching with the eZSI extension and still have content pushed immediately when published.


  • Content modelling with eZ Publish. How you can easily shape the content in eZ Publish to fit your needs and how this information can be re-used in multiple channels.

Edition & styling experience

  • How to install and use the Style Editor efficiently on your website.
  • How to edit rich content using Online Editor 5.x
  • How to customize eZOE
  • Make edition available from more places with edit handlers

Third-party Integration

  • Advanced analytics with eZ Publish. How you can integrate click-paths, landing page measurements and more with tight (Google Analytics) integrations.
  • CRM integration with eZ Publish. How to push actions from CMS directly into (SalesForce) CRM for efficient customer followup.


  • How to write your own workflows and better use triggers & operations
  • Create interactive workflows using the notification system


  • Custom XML import and export from the eZ Toolbar, build your own !
  • How to import simply some existing data in eZ Publish

Development guides

  • How to setup Eclipse for eZ Publish development

Happy sharing!

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