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The eZ Publish extensions forge,, allows you to add your eZ Publish project and get the tools needed to manage it. These include:

  • Area for news articles, downloads, forums and image galleries
  • RSS feeds of your project's activity
  • Subversion source code repository (possibility to use as external repository)
  • Encourage others join your project

Here are the latest projects from the extension forge :



Reads an external xml file into the SOLR index.


EzTotpTwo-factor authentication for eZPublish

Instagram for ez Publish

* Connect your ezPublish website with one or more instagram accounts.* Synchronise instagram pictures with your local ezPublish installation* Auto-Tag instagram pictures

QH Motion Logon

QH Motion Login is an experimentation of how to use $1 Unistroke Recognizer algorithm as an login handler for eZ Publish allowing you to login by drawing a doodle to be used as password.


leZRSS is an improvement of eZRSS native function.

XC Database monitor

A tool to monitor threads of database and analysis the reason why it causes database heavy..

Front end performance boost

A set of settings and tools to improve the front performance of eZ Publish


Connector between eZPublish and Enable to upload/download

jcRemoteID Datatype

jcRemoteID is a new module allowing user to manage Object RemoteID and Nodes RemoteID directly. jcRemoteID brings also a new datatype allowing the automation of the use of remote id for any class of content (directly available at edit time instead of changing after creation).


eZGithub allow you to display live informations from Github within your templates. is an eZ extension that uses the "ezprestapiprovider" extension and adds the functionality to publish new articles to eZ Publish via the REST interface.


ImExPorter - Handle your eZ Publish database easier! (for mysql and innodb) is it all about?Handling content on different environments for eZ Publish is a pain. Right, you have the package-manager, but do you really want to manually mark and unmark changed objects before you can start exporting? Is it really the answer for the problem you are facing?True, there is also a way in doing a mysql-dump, but this also is a manual process...What the ImExPorter extension does, is reading the whole database-structure and fetching each tables content to finally create snapshots for each table. These snapshots can be imported into your database again by just running one command on cli.You dont need to type in your database login all the time. ImExPorter reads your database-settings directly from your eZ Publish instance. The snapshots are a lot smaller than a mysl-dump would be and they are split, so transfering them via scp/rsync/ftp isnt a big deal.In first place you will need a structure inside of your database, so ImExPorter can apply the data on tables. Fortunately ImExPorter is also capable of executing sql-dumps on your database, so you can create a working environment (database wise) by just running two cli commands.FeaturesCreate compressed snapshots of your db!Create the basic table-structure using a mysql-dump via cli!Use multiple snapshots and switch between them!Take only the tables you need to export!Dont waste time, just use a one-liner!Switch your environments (dev / live) easily!


Accordion Lite is a jQuery implementation. Source code is free (

Blend Advanced Calendar

Provides recurring calendars and UI elements to improve event management in eZ

Yuzu Disqus

This extension provides the integration of Disqus commenting platform on eZ Publish software.Some widgets are also available: comment count, best contributors...

BC Role hasPolicy Kernel Override

BC Role hasPolicy Kernel Override is a true eZ Publish extension that provides an improved modified copy of the default 'eZRole' kernel class which provides a new method called hasPolicy.

eZ Content Staging

The ultimate content staging extension for replicating content between different eZ Publish instances

eZ Disqus

eZ Publish integration of Disqus service for comments


Extension to eZ Publish that provides a CSS optimizer for ezjscore that inlines small images as Data URLs in the packed CSS source to minimize number of HTTP requests.

Fumaggo Mollom extension

This extension incorporates Mollom anti spam functionality into eZ Publish for eZ Publish objects and eZ Comments.This extension is based Mollom's REST API, which was suppose to replace the XML-RPC API in 2011. However, the Mollom REST API is still in beta. Therefore we recommend not to use the Mollom extension on production sites until further notice. An eZ Publish Mollom extension based on XML-RPC ready for production sites will be available soon. Fumaggo aims to release this alternative within the next few weeks. If you wish to be notified of future updates, please send a mail to or follow @svdvliet on Twitter.

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