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The eZ Publish extensions forge,, allows you to add your eZ Publish project and get the tools needed to manage it. These include:

  • Area for news articles, downloads, forums and image galleries
  • RSS feeds of your project's activity
  • Subversion source code repository (possibility to use as external repository)
  • Encourage others join your project

Here are the latest projects from the extension forge :


Edit Order

This extension let a user (or a group of users) edit the customer info for an order.© Innoteam

eZ Performance Logger

The swiss-army knife of eZ Publish performance tracing and profilingAn extension dedicated to measuring time taken, memory consumed, number of queries executed by every single page on an eZ Publish powered site. It can trace custom variables too.

eZPersistentObject Inspector

Allows introspection of all eZPO classes, (recursive) encoding of them, and has a script to analyze the online docs to complement its knowledge of datatypes for dynamic attributes with information coming from the manual.It can also scan online docs for fetch functions.

Wascou Software Edition - URL Shortener (wse_us)

Download available here : extension is designed for the Content Management System eZPublish.Its aim is to provide a simple system that will allow users to get short urlsof an article, a folder, a video or any content.The features are :- Integrated system of urls filter : a key of 4 characters is generated at thepublication time and added into the URL. As it's unique for a node ID, it canmatch Google News requirements (limited to first version). For ex : in : Accessible module that handles the key : to : Operator to encrypt / decrypt a key,- Specific configuration for Apache can reduce the number of characters,- Special template that contains an url of the short url, useful for mobileinterface and lazy people.


Developer is a extension we have already used half year. And it can help you locating your template files in ez debug output quickly since we overrided kernel class eZTemplatesStatisticsReporter. And also it provide a template 'variables' allow you inspect variables and namespaces in template anyway.

Send Mail In Template

Send E-Mail In Template


Integration for openx. Includes some jumpstart and performance functionality.

SQLI ColorPicker

A simple datatype to select color.

UserExp Datatype

Now part of dappsocial/tuteisocial, no more updates here.A project of a new datatype called userexp, it stores the user exp and level. The method fromString is used by another extensions to increase or decrease the user exp and level.

Include Google Maps (online editor)

The new defined custom tag to online editor.


Adds the functionality of executing various custom edit handlers.


Adds the functionality for archiving your content via a cronjob. Very useful for speeding up high volume sites.


This extension is a flexible audio datatype that displays any type of Flash/Javascript MP3/Audio players. It also include an out of the box Audio/Flash Player content class in an ezpkg archive.

Social Media Fetch

This extension introduces a new fetch function for you to use in your template/php code. It only supports fetching flickr images for now, but it is also planned to fetch tweets, facebook wall posts etc etc... It's a way to easy implement social media to your sites..

Wiki markup

Provide an ezxml input handler to be able to edit xml block attributes with a wiki syntax.

Admin Right to Left

this object is for override the actual design of site admin (backoffice), to adapt a language that starts from right to left, mainly for Arabic.

ezlupdate php port

port of ezlupdate to php

Janrain Auth

Janrain Auth is an implementation of Janrain (formerly RPX) authentication framework into eZ Publish.It allows you to authenticate users from social networks such as Facebook, Google, Windows Live, Yahoo!...


This extension is made to ad an ok/ko page to the addtobookmark action...

eZ Article Rating [Deprecated]

[DEPRECATED] Use With this hack you can rate your article, folder, you can rate anything you want.

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