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The eZ Publish extensions forge,, allows you to add your eZ Publish project and get the tools needed to manage it. These include:

  • Area for news articles, downloads, forums and image galleries
  • RSS feeds of your project's activity
  • Subversion source code repository (possibility to use as external repository)
  • Encourage others join your project

Here are the latest projects from the extension forge :


eZ Toolbox Google Chrome extension

This extension provides tools for eZ Publish developpers in a Google Chrome extension


admin2++ aims to add some features and improvements to the admin2 design used in the admin interface of eZ Publish.

NV Newsletter

Newsletter extension for eZ Publish.

GH State

Granite State allows users to add a ghstate datatype to their content classes. The attribute will then the allow the user to select a state from the USA. This is helpful in validating US addresses, for example. It can act as an information collector.

Remote Login

Administrators users can login in one eZ Publish site and administer multiples sites

Static Cache Improved

Static Cache Improved for multi-sites and cache on demand


Allows use of the second parameter of the php strip_tags in a template operator.


The smartshort template operator shortens input strings like the shortentemplate operator but with a few important differences - most of the timeit will break at the end of a sentence and it will not break html tags.

NM Checkout

NM Checkout brings a 1-step checkout process to eZ Publish, in addition to backend order editing.

NM jQuery library

A simple extension wrapper extension holding jQuery.


A simple XML parsing class supporting both PHP v. 4 and 5.

gX Mini Language

This extension adds a datatype for eZ publish: Mini Language.This datatype allows to choose a language among the languages installed in your instance of eZ publish, via a single choice drop down menu.

F2b Payment Gateway

This extension provides a secure ad transparent payment processing with F2b - first brazilian payment gateway for eZ Publish using webservices.

Authentication IP

This is a complete solution for IP authentication in eZ Publish

Brazilian datatypes

Popular Brazilian datatypes

NM Validation

A set of input validation rules. Required for some extensions provided by Netmaking.


eZCopy is a small, stand-alone application (not an eZ Publish extension) making it easier tocopy/move entire/parts of an eZ Publish based web site.

RSS Templates

Allow to specify a template wich will process the output for a RSS Item attribute


enhanced the defaut ezfind/classes/ezfsolrdocumentfieldobjectrelation.php

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