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The eZ Publish extensions forge,, allows you to add your eZ Publish project and get the tools needed to manage it. These include:

  • Area for news articles, downloads, forums and image galleries
  • RSS feeds of your project's activity
  • Subversion source code repository (possibility to use as external repository)
  • Encourage others join your project

Here are the latest projects from the extension forge :


JV Amazon Advertising

JV Amazon Advertising allows you to query Amazon huge product catalog by using Amazon Product Advertising API

PDF to Image

This extension automatically generates an image of uploaded PDF files, and adds it to a image datatype on the file content class.

CS Memcacheblock

It's Apc and Memcached powered cache block function. It stores cache block data in memory and reduces calls to disk.

eZ workflowBoard

WorkflowBoard extension add a new tab in the admin interface to allows you:- To monitoor the progress of multi steps approval workfows- To interrupt and cancel a running workflows

Push it by mail

your intranet is made with Ezpublish. Sometimes , you want to push to your colleborators an article, a news... this extension add a button to eztoolbar or a right block in admin to solve your problem.

backup your content classes

this extension consist of 2 cronjobs : 1 to package each content classe as a package.1 to package all content classes in one package.when a content class is modified, the package is updated and a text is nwritten as a chancelog as the content classse XXX is modified ...

backup your DB

Backup your bd easily with a admin interface


you have a fixed IP. you want connect automatically this extension is made for you.

JV Monitoring

Simple monitoring extension allowing you to check your website through HTTP

Ajax event calendar

An ajax calendar/multicalendar


An update to the ezselection datatype

eZ Online Template Editor

This extension allow you to edit your templates within the administration side of eZ Publish, with a dynamic editor that supports syntaxe highlighting, tabulations and fullpage view.

States check

An extension for checking the states of the objects that are in a state group.

Japanese Datatypes

A collection of commonly used datatypes in Japanese projects


eZ Mail Hide extension helps you protect your customers inboxes from spamming by asking anonymous users to solve a reCAPTCHA challenge before they can view any email address published by the content management system of eZ Publish.It uses reCAPTCHA API but it does not need you to sign up to, as far as reCAPTCHA Mailhide API key can be freely generated here :

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