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The eZ Publish extensions forge,, allows you to add your eZ Publish project and get the tools needed to manage it. These include:

  • Area for news articles, downloads, forums and image galleries
  • RSS feeds of your project's activity
  • Subversion source code repository (possibility to use as external repository)
  • Encourage others join your project

Here are the latest projects from the extension forge :



ECB Currency Converter extension for eZPublishCalculates the amount of EUR price in another currency.


cronjob and workflow event to count childobjects and save it in an attribute of the parent Object.


Extension to integrate ServiceBW via webservice


eZChangeClass allows to change content class of specified object(s) to another class, keeping its content using mapping between attributes.


lis Invoice Payment Gateway für eZPublish 4.xprovides a Gateway/Workflow for payment by invoice.

Netgen Responsive Images

eZ Publish 4 extension that eases creation and usage of responsive images by leveraging eZ Publish image aliases


simple shippingcosts handler


extended attribute filter for datefields to search inbetween 2 dates.

eZPublish-Paymill Extension

Payment Gateway for Paymill

eZ 5 CheatSheet

Markdown files contains some tips to work on eZ Publish 5.x. Available in English and French. Please feel free to create new languages !


API to easily deploy content classes, roles and policies, and workflows.

eZ Brightcove

Integrates eZ Publish with the Brightcove Video Platform


eZPubSub is an extension based on PubSubHubBub protocol that makes possible to share content not only between several instances of eZ Publish but also with social networks like and

GroupDocs Signature

Collect signatures online by embedding documents as digital forms. Once a form is embedded, signers apply an electronic signature, directly online.

Edixon Rivera

TN3 GALLERY LITE is a jQuery implementation. Source code is free (

eZ Publish Fetch Bundle

AwEzpFetchBundle brings a content query language for eZ Publish 5.


This is an extended attribute filter for the updateviewcount cronjob that analyses the apache log files.

Netgen Language Switcher

Netgen Language Switcher is an extension that provides another way of generating links for language switcher in eZ Publish.

GroupDocs Assembly

GroupDocs is a next generation document management solution that makes it easier for businesses to collaborate, share and work with documents online. Powerful apps and extensions help businesses organise, view, sign, annotate, compare, assemble and share documents online.


The eZ Publish fishme_googletools extension includes some Google API service

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