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Monday 02 August 2010 -

Functionality to log in as any user from admin user, without password. Also gives a detailed overview of content object data, as well as a list of content objects based on specified class.

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Monday 23 August 2010 5:02:50 pm

This is meant for debugging. I frequently had reported problems I couldn't reproduce, so I needed a simple way to switch to the user that reported the problem. Also, while debugging I often needed to find the objects based on a specific class without knowing the content tree structure.

So it can be used on both development and production. I wouldn't recommend having it on production permanently though, only when you need it. It should be secure, but better safe than sorry. happy.gif Emoticon

Read the included INSTALL.txt file for more details.

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Arne Bakkebø
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Lars Eirik Roenning
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