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Friday 04 December 2009 -

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Tuesday 28 September 2010 3:06:11 pm

Hello Marko,

Thank you for the suggestion. Maybe you want some documentations explaining what does one ezcomments template do in detail? If it's possible, could you tell me what kinds of customization you want to do?

This is not so advanced, but might be helpful:



Best regards


Tuesday 28 September 2010 5:06:04 pm

Here are some suggestions:

- document all the fetch functions, and all their parameters (the same way like the fetch functions are documented on eZ docs

- document the attributes of the comments items

- document the modules an their functions - which one exist, how to use them, what post variables do they accept...

Monday 04 October 2010 5:06:10 pm

How does ezcomments behave with the eZ caching mechanism?

- does it follow the SmartCache rules?

- does it clear the template block cache of cache-blocks that have the commented node in it's subtree_expiry?

- does it trigger static cahce cleanup when needed?



Monday 04 October 2010 5:36:05 pm

Hi Marko,

Currently eZ Comments uses cache-block in displaying comments. It's based on uri, role, and limitation assigned. Eveytime a new comment is put on, it will clear the cache(static cache).

- does it follow the SmartCache rules?

It should be configurable. use objectid of object that comments are on.

- does it clear the template block cache of cache-blocks that have the commented node in it's subtree_expiry?

This is not set up. See code in design/standard/templates/comment/view/view.tpl, override if you need.

- does it trigger static cahce cleanup when needed?



Monday 04 October 2010 6:06:10 pm


For those undocumented fetch functions(like function in ezcomFunctionCollection), since they are not public fetch functions, it's not guaranteed that they will work well.

- document the attributes of the comments items: good suggestion, it will be done and put on news.

"document the modules an their functions". Let me find a time so that I could post a blog on it. I guess you want to know the mechanism of the add/edit/delete logic and extend them.

For any more suggestion(like what kind of advanced feature to develop), which could help me to gather ideas, please put it here.


Wednesday 06 October 2010 1:06:15 pm

Moderation seems to be a good feature. Is its development planned for the future?

Wednesday 06 October 2010 2:06:14 pm

It's in our backlog. Currently there is no detail plan for when it will be implemented. But personally I would say it's a popular feature, with comments management in admin.



Wednesday 06 October 2010 10:06:12 pm


I've tested your extension and this reveals some language related issues. I already fixed them, and currently I'm working in improving your extension to add Pre-Moderation and Comment Reply features. I hope have it ready in three weeks.

I want to make it free and share these changes as part of a new extension version. Maybe I have my changes merged with the official code?

Thursday 07 October 2010 2:06:16 pm

Thank you for the fix, can you add issue into out issue tracker and provide the patch in the comment?

PS: this is issues related to ezcomments:

Saturday 09 October 2010 11:36:20 am

How soon will a version be av vailable for ez 4.4?

For the moment, with your version, I get something like:

[error] [client {some_ip}] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function mainNode() on a non-object in [..]extension/ezcomments/classes/ezcomposthelper.php on line 71


I am sure it is only about a couple of tweaks (as I've done it working myself), but an official 4.4 version would still be nice.

Monday 11 October 2010 11:06:08 am

Hi, Sao

It's available already for 4.4. (ezcomments1.0.0-> ezpublish 4.3.0, ezcomments1.1.0->ezpublish4.4.0)

You can download the separate ezcomments package from

or the download link on the top(I just added the same tarball today).

If the issue is fixed, normally the fix will be included on ezcomments 1.2.0.

Let's discuss the issue in issue tracker:

Thanks for the reporting.

Tuesday 19 October 2010 12:36:10 pm

The premoderation system is a very good idea!

We are waiting for your contributions! happy.gif Emoticon

Friday 17 December 2010 3:06:35 pm


I meet this problem with :

- eZP 4.3

- webin 1.7.0

- ezcomments 1.1.0

(see this thread:


Friday 27 January 2012 2:06:12 pm


Is it possible to filter a list of comment by class_identifier ?

Friday 27 January 2012 4:06:11 pm

Thanks for the reply, it's the two ways I have considered. I think the template approach sounds better.

Friday 10 February 2012 5:36:23 pm


I d'like to know if it's possible to give a mark to a comment, like the Facebook "like" button" ?

Monday 24 June 2013 9:06:49 am

Reply for other's comment, like“threaded” comments.

Tuesday 16 July 2013 5:40:15 am

Has anyone else found that the reCaptha is now ineffective. Sadly I'm forced to stop using ez Comment. It really needs to support work-flow and notifications so users have options and deterrents because relying on recaptcha lone isn't good enough any more.

Until this is address eZ Comments is a spammers paradise.

Friday 13 December 2013 12:35:46 pm


I installed ezcomments extension according to the INSTALL instructions:

* copied ezcomments folder to ezpublish_legacy/extension/ folder

* applied the schema.sql script to my database; the tables and indexes were generated

* added ActiveExtensions[]=ezcomments to settings/override/site.ini.append.php; extension is marked as active in the admin backend

* ran 'php bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php' in ezpublish_legacy/ directory; 'ezpublish_legacy/var/autoload/ezp_extension.php' array includes the correct paths to ezcomments module classes

* cleared all caches

But when I want to set the permissions for Anonymous user, the comments module doesn't show up in the "New policy" module list... Did I miss something? What can I do to help with debugging this issue?

Some more information about my site:

* eZ Publish Community Project 2013.9

* Postgres 9.2

* eZ Comments module downloaded today from Github

Best regards,


Friday 13 December 2013 1:35:51 pm

Nevermind - I fixed it; filesystem permissions were set to 600/700, so the web user was not allowed to browse the extension directory.

Best regards,


Friday 20 February 2015 1:37:29 am

thanks .. and achieve solve the same problem I had.

Monday 23 August 2010 5:11:30 pm

Hello Stevo,

Thanks you for the report. It's fixed in r322. You can report similar issue here or in with title like [ezcomments].



Tuesday 31 August 2010 11:06:09 am

Is it possible to show only comment approuved by administrator ? A sort of workflow ?

Wednesday 01 September 2010 1:36:10 pm

Hi, Guillaume

I think your demand is a kind of moderation, which is not supported currently.

There is an public issue for moderation:



Thursday 09 September 2010 2:36:04 pm

To prepare the futur (not so far).

default tpl of ezcomments should support rich snippets

Friday 17 September 2010 2:36:00 pm

Just a suggestion...

There should be a better documentation for more experienced developers, especially for the templates. For example if I want to customize ezcomments with my own highly customized templates I have to inspect the existing templates and figure it out by myself.

having a piece of docs that explains how to make your own custom templates would be really usefull.

Monday 20 September 2010 6:06:08 pm


First of all I have to thank for this great project and the new captcha functionality in v1.1.

But there is a little issue: the translation is not working. I have set up in the setting the following:



#Current captcha language: en, nl, fr, de, pt, ru, es, tr




Any idea?



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