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eZ Translation Tools

Monday 14 February 2011 -

A collection of tools to help managing eZ Publish translations

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Wednesday 16 March 2011 5:05:05 pm

See more checks added to the default translation checking script...

Thursday 31 March 2011 11:35:05 am

Original message from Marko Žmak:


I see that eztranslationtools is work in progres so I wonder if you would be interested in the following functionality:

1) When translating content into another language in eZP you get the translation form which is prefilled with the content in original language.

This extension would first translate that content using a translation file of common words and phrasses, and then fill the translation form with the translated content

2) Create a php script that would be run from shell and would translate all the desired content objects automatically without user intervention, using the tanslation file.

3) Use google translate apis to suggest a translation when translating content objects.

I have a potential client that needs such functionality (he needs the first one and I will suggest the second and third), so instead of doing a separate extension I tough that joining forces with you would be a better idea.

Are you interested?


Thursday 31 March 2011 12:05:05 pm

Final replies:


>> P.S.2 Just another idea that came up now. Caching of translation results would be a good idea. So that we don't have to call google apis several times for the same terms.



> I think your proposal is fine but there is another way using the current version of the object to be translated, thus creating an object in another language?


Well the caching I was referring to is just caching of the translated words/phrases in a cache file and has nothing to do with eZ objects and translations. It's just simple file caching of terms that were already translated that can later be reused in translating many objects without having to call the google apis again for the cached terms.

This could even be a more "permanent" cache than standard eZ cache (think of storage folder), so that it doesn't get cleared when deleting eZ cache.

Friday 01 April 2011 11:05:06 am

Hi guys, and thanks for starting such a discussion.

Please keep in mind that one of the tools i am very much considering for translation is the online, TS-enabled platform.

I wish to use this when it comes to the actual translation work, since it does not imply any prior technical knowledge (SVN, or GIT now). This is meant to both ease and increase the contribution to Internationalizing eZ Publish.

My 2 cents to help you move-on,




Friday 01 April 2011 2:05:06 pm


One idea is to make the extension pluggable and configurable so that it can use many different translation tools. For example both v1 and v2 of google translate apis and other services for realtime translation. And also support different translation file formats for background translation, so that you can upload the translation file made by your preffered CAT tool.

If you have any suggestions or ideas how to integrate some crowdin's functionality into eztranslationtools, feel free to come forward.

Friday 08 April 2011 3:35:09 pm

I'll start working on the translation of eZP objects based on the xml translation file. The idea for this feature came from a translator that is currently translating an eZP site. So it's a real life need and I have a translator that is willing to participate in this project by testing and giving ideas.

The idea for the translation workflow goes like this:

- site administrator or editor generates an xml translation file from the text stored in eZP objects and download it

- the translator translates this file using a CAT tool

- the site admin/editor uploads this translated file and runs the script which translates all the eZP objects using this translated xml file

This would be the schema:

For now there are no constraints on the format of the xml file, so I suggested to use the linguist translation format (.ts) that is already used by eZP (in the future, support for other formats might be implemented). I'm waiting to hear comments about this from the tranlsator.

Any thoughts or ideas about this?


Monday 11 April 2011 10:05:07 am

Got some info from the translator guy...

It seems like most CAT tools just "stupidly" replace the source text with the translation. They are not able to handle something complex as the .ts format.

But still, using the .ts format is possible if we output the source text both inside <source> and <translation> tags. Then the CAT tool can be setup to translate only the text that's inside the <translation> tag and that should do it.

We'll give this a try...

Monday 11 April 2011 1:05:08 pm

XROW has developed an commercial extension for Trados.

I think it does translationmanagment with xml files.

Tuesday 10 July 2012 11:35:34 pm may also be useful for this project. Includes .ts to .po convertor.

Source at

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