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eZDebug Helper - Chrome extension

eZDebug Helper is a Chrome/Chromium browser extension that assists developers in debugging eZPublish websites. The main idea behind this project, is to process default debug information provided by eZPublish and allow developer to easily interact with them.

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Wednesday 16 May 2012 1:35:03 pm

I ask because I noticed strange behavior on

This has happened only after extension activation.

Wednesday 16 May 2012 3:05:03 pm

I saw this bug on to but I didn't associate it with my extension.

Generally speaking this extension shouldn't change anything if it doesn't find a #debug div on a website (and even then nothing like this should have happen). That's strange, I'll investigate it ASAP.

Thanks for spotting this!

UPDATE: I got it, there were CSS files injected, by my mistake, to every page (they are used to style the developer toolbar panels). Fixed version (0.41) will be available in 15 minutes (your Chrome will auto-update). Thanks again!

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Konrad Dzwinel
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Tuesday 15 May 2012 1:35:02 pm

Nice work Konrad. My only suggestions are for the eZ Templates tab:

- I'd rather see the actual template loaded first up, then click to see the original + details
- I would love to customise the background colours for lines

Will recommend to other eZ Publish developers.

Friday 18 May 2012 2:35:02 pm

Very useful, particularly helpful to beginners who still have difficulties identifying the mapping between a portion of the page and a given eZ Publish template.

Keep-up !
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