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Monday 08 June 2009 -

An ajax extension for easier client / server integrations using yui 3.0 and concepts from ezcore and other similar extensions.

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Monday 23 August 2010 5:12:11 pm

Hi again!

Thanks for fixing a couple of things, however, it would be nice to review your patches before you commit them.

For instance you shouldn't do several things at once in a commit, and the "- added charset parameter to operators" will break any use of the operators that use the last param. Not a big deal as ezyui isn't even at the beta stage and will see some changes, but you really need to discuss this with the other members of the project, so they know about it..

And I'm not convinced the patch for the lib problem is the correct one, it might be better to allow full (design) path if it starts with '/' for instance(see bellow patch), what do you think?

We need to make this as general as possible, just like eZ Publish, so we can't commit workaround code.

Sorry for bringing this up, but as we are a team, we really need to be able to review and discuss, especially patches.

All in sense of better co-operation in future happy.gif Emoticon



Index: trunk/ezyui/classes/ezyuipacker.php


--- trunk/ezyui/classes/ezyuipacker.php (revision 21)

+++ trunk/ezyui/classes/ezyuipacker.php (working copy)

@@ -256,15 +256,14 @@

// or is it a relative path



- $file = $file;

+ // allow path to be outside subpath if it starts with '/'

+ if ( $file[0] === '/' )

+ $file = ltrim( $file, '/' );

+ else

+ $file = $subPath . $file;


$triedFiles = array();

$match = eZTemplateDesignResource::fileMatch( $bases, '', $file, $triedFiles );

- // Work around many extensions use design.ini[JavaScriptSettings].JavaScriptList but the path is not correct

- if ( $match === false )

- {

- $file = $subPath . $file;

- $match = eZTemplateDesignResource::fileMatch( $bases, '', $file, $triedFiles );

- }

if ( $match === false )


eZDebug::writeWarning( "Could not find: $file", __METHOD__ );


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