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Monday 03 October 2011 - http://projects.ez.no/less_css

This extension allow you to write stylesheets according LESS syntax.LESS ( http://lesscss.org ) is a templating stylesheet language based on top of CSS. It provides numerous enhancements and features to speed up development and make its maintenance easier like mixins, nested inheritance, accessors and rules importing.Feel free to contribute at https://github.com/Yannix/less_css .

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Tuesday 04 October 2011 2:35:04 am

Hello Yannick,

Congratulations on your extension. I'm eager to review it.

Yet there are no downloads or source code in svn.

You do mention github but do not link to your profile or repository.

Could you share a little more specifics about where your extension is hosted?

Thanks again!



Tuesday 04 October 2011 5:05:02 pm

Hi Yannick !

Add Less CSS to eZ Publish is great idea.

Can wait to try it happy.gif Emoticon

@Heath : I found the Github repository. https://github.com/Yannix/less_css

See you,


Wednesday 05 October 2011 5:35:02 am

@ Thomas

Ahh, excellent! Thank you for sharing this find happy.gif Emoticon

@ Yannick

Please consider linking to your github repository within the projects.ez.no project description to help make it simpler for folks to know about this resource directly.



Thursday 06 October 2011 4:35:03 pm

Sorry for this. I edited the description.

Thank you for the interest.

Thursday 06 October 2011 5:05:03 pm

Thanks for that contribution Yannick but in fact there was already an extension here :


And the code on Github as well.

It woul be better to contribute on the same repository.


Friday 07 October 2011 6:35:04 am


This sure sounds like an excellent opportunity to collaborate together through github and the power of git! I'm interested to see more of that within community projects.

I like the ezless.org site but it's strange that they did not promote it on projects.ez.no, I've never heard of ezless.org until today.



Friday 07 October 2011 9:05:03 am

Hi Yannick,

Francis has a point here. Getting in touch with Philipp Dornauer

Friday 07 October 2011 3:05:03 pm

Hi all,

Like Heath, i didn't see ezless.org before. I will dive into this projects later today. By initiating this project my first goal was to open a door to the community to make it evolve.

I think it is a good idea to promote ezless.org extension since it is much more advanced.

@Nicolas, Should I mark this project like deprecated ? should I drop it ?


Thank you Mr Francis for this great information.

Saturday 08 October 2011 9:05:03 pm

Hello Yannick,

It may sound a bit silly but ...I would (for now) encourage you to keep this project, it's forums and threads (like this one) online and available as a historical reference to these events / extensions / subject.

As it stands now, in part because of your contribution and work here today, people are talking about this subject with renewed interest, also folks are reading this and linking to both extensions (in short people are tweeting about this and linking to your project, re: http://twitter.com/#!/namestnik_at/statuses/122632406556622848 ).

Best to keep those links valid and working (again as an entry point to this subject). This is what projects.ez.no was designed for. Extension collaboration and yes duplication has always been part of the community.

Perhaps the folks at ezless.org can create their own project on projects.ez.no?

Also I think it would be fine to simply direct folks in your project description to use instead ezless.org as the greater / preferred choice on this subject?

Thanks again for your continued support!




Tuesday 22 November 2011 3:05:08 pm

Hi Phillip ,

I did not mean to reject ezless, on the contrary : i warmly applaud your initiative and would love to see it listed here.

The only point concerned the naming of the extension : "ezless". We tend to reserve the"ez" prefix for extensions built by eZ Systems, for clarity, as explained on the project validation page.

But if it feels impossible to rename ezless to something else (like pdless, matching your initials), or if you think it is a bad idea, we can make an exception.

So please : share this wonderful initiative here on projects.ez.no.

Feel free to contact me directly : nfrp A ez.no


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