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Netgen Suggest

Tuesday 01 June 2010 -

This extension implements drop down suggestions on search fields using eZFind/Solr facets.

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Friday 01 October 2010 2:05:23 pm

Thanks. Nice feedback happy.gif Emoticon

Changed and commited to svn.


Sunday 13 May 2012 2:05:53 pm

Hi, thank u very much for this great extension!

I am new in the Solr world, can u tell me how to setup ngsuggest to get full title suggestion?

Now, if I type wor, I will get world as suggestion, but I want to get 'the book about the world' if exist.

Sunday 13 May 2012 3:05:54 pm

If I type in search form a word like zurück I get the word suggested as far as I don't type ü. Is it a bug or only a wrong setting?

Friday 25 May 2012 12:05:53 pm


The main "catch" is that solr is tokenizing the words of all text so to avoid this you should suggest terms form a solr field which is "string" solr type. That string solr type is not tokenized but rather used as a single token

Hope this helps

Sunday 03 June 2012 3:05:58 am

Hi Ivo Lukac,

there wasn't an autosuggest function in ezfind, started with an old ezfind 2.2 version.

Now I tried it with the new ez 2012.5 and ezfind 2.7 + solr 3.5, it works like a charm.

Thank u very much.

best regards, scrieler.

Sunday 03 June 2012 4:05:59 am

I understand what u mean I think, but I am not sure how to do it :]

Monday 23 August 2010 5:10:22 pm

Hi Olivier,

Going to put it in the next release happy.gif Emoticon Thanks

Wednesday 25 August 2010 3:05:17 pm

can u please hlp me understand the installation 4 and 5 steps


also can u tell me what is the use of followoing things

New field type is defined as 'text4suggest' based on intrinsic type 'solr.TextField'. Following actions are applied when indexing happens (similar as when querying):

1. text is tokenized by white space

2. stop filter factory removes unwanted words defined in 'stopwords.txt'

3. factory for slicing and combining words is called (useful for slicing words with numbers) but without concatenations

4. lower case factory does casing normalization

Next, new field 'ngsuggest_text' is added under <fields> node:

n advance

Thanks i



Thursday 26 August 2010 10:05:18 am

Did you go with INSTALL.txt?

As for 'text4suggest' it is not mandatory but otherwise the results are flooded with concatenated words due to the 'ez_df_text' solr field type and how it works. Also, 'ez_df_text' field stores lot of meta content like node ids, installation ids, etc. which should not be exposed.

Thursday 26 August 2010 11:35:19 am

Thanks for your reply Ivo and you have given me a lot of important ideas , it worked out success. I have followed the install.txt

But I am stuck at the step 4. For development , I am using ezflow package(ezwebin,zflow.ezjscore and jquery is activated in ezjscore.ini)


* Activated the extension.

* I have decided ngsuggest_text solr field instead of ezf_df_text.

* for better results and to avoid exposing of meta content like node ids, installation ids,

* For that I have merged the update/schema.xml into extension/ezfind/java/solr/conf/schema.xml(not overwritten) to define new solr filed



* Here comes the confusion in INSTALL.txt ->4th step


"Adding jQuery support. // what is it mean, js files are already n this extension .Do I need to copy it into ezjscore's javascript folder?


a) If jQuery is already used extension/ngsuggest/design/ezwebin/templates/page_head_script.tpl can be deleted // It is not clear. Something a vague idea


b) If not, but ezwebin template page_head_script.tpl is used, this step can be skipped (page_head_script.tpl included in extension loads jQuery over ezjscore)

// is this mean page_head_script.tpl in extension ezwebin or page_head_script.tpl in ngsuggest extension and can you please point me what is the idea behind it


c) Or download jQuery and load it directly through JavaScriptSettings in design.ini"


// js files are already with ngsuggest , so i do not know y do I need to download it.


These are the doubts may arise in newbie who first comes to use this extension ngsuggest. I really like to install it in our news paper website. Becz it seems a nice extension for a daily news portal. This extension is 100% addon functionality to ezfind.

Thanks in advance





Saturday 28 August 2010 1:05:18 pm

Thing is that extension needs jQuery, but it could already be used on site. So we need to watch for collisions.

So choose A) if your site has jQuery loaded

Do nothing (option B) ) if you don't have jQuery loaded and have ezjscore extension enabled

Choose C) if you don't have jQuery loaded and do not have ezjscore extension enabled


Hope this clears up the matter

Saturday 28 August 2010 3:35:19 pm

thanks you for your great mind Ivo. I have no luck, trying for last 3 days.

I think everything I did as per installtion. ezfind and ezjscore installed. Ezfind search is working. But ngsuggest is not working.


As you said ngsuggest need jquery. but have never used following jqueries of ngsuggest

anywhere in my site





So I think there is no chance to collision as you said "thing is that extension needs jQuery, but it could already be used on site. So we need to watch for collisions."


so I can skip step A) if your site has jQuery loaded <= skipped

B)"if you don't have jQuery loaded and have ezjscore extension enabled"


step B will work in my case since ezjscore is activated and I never used

follwoing jqueries





I do not want to care about step C.


Step 4 is ok.


Step 5 will be a some issue generic bez

"If default ezwebin search form is used (page_header_searchbox.tpl) this step can be skipped (it is overridden by ngsuggest version). In this case $search_id is: searchtext"





It will be depend on extension order in site.ini in global override?






and design settings is like






So page_header_searchbox.tpl,page_head_script.tpl from extension ezwebin will be loaded.

So I can skip step 5 also. since "If default ezwebin search form is used (page_header_searchbox.tpl) this step can be skipped (it is overridden by ngsuggest version). In this case $search_id is: searchtext"


But n installation u have explained (it is overridden by ngsuggest version)

how it can be ?

Since page_header_searchbox.tpl,page_head_script.tpl from extension ezwebin will be loaded first before ngsuggest.

Totally get confused.


I will be a thankfull for a clear idea.









Monday 30 August 2010 4:35:17 pm

Usually custom extensions need to be ordered before default ones. Problem is that you can't sort it from the admini interface (yet), you need to edit your site.ini override by hand.

So put the order like this:






Tuesday 31 August 2010 10:05:21 am

Thanks a lot Ivo .

Thursday 23 September 2010 1:05:23 pm

Hi Ivo,

there is a small bug in


line 37:

$language_code_cond = "+AND+meta_language_code_s:".$siteini->variable( 'RegionalSettings', 'Locale' );

should be

$language_code_cond = "+AND+meta_language_code_s:".$siteini->variable( 'RegionalSettings', 'ContentObjectLocale' );


I am using e.g. this setting:



So I am getting no results.

Best wishes,


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