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Monday 15 March 2010 -

eZPublish implementation of Moxiecode's plupload

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Saturday 02 October 2010 10:35:41 pm

In plupload/design/standard/templates/widget.tpl there's a bug with the upload url that is passed to the upload runtime.

The uploading url should be changed form this:




to this:




So that the url of the current siteacces is used (i.e. admin), and not the url of the default siteaccess.


Sunday 03 October 2010 12:35:37 am

Actually, the correct url everywhere should be:


I've explained it all here:

Monday 23 August 2010 5:10:50 pm


I'm trying this nice extension (working with eZ 4.3.0) and discover few minor issues (HTML5 Runtime)...

Where should I post my remarks to help you ?

For example, currently URL for HTML5 Runtime is:

url : {'plupload/upload'|ezroot(single)}

it should be like for the the Flash runtime:

url : {concat('plupload/upload/',$parentNodeID)|ezroot(single)}


Lolo Irie

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Steven E Bailey
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Monday 23 August 2010 5:10:50 pm

Very nice to be able to choose the Runtime between following options:
flash, html5, silverlight and more...

A very good alternative to ezmultiupload...
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