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Wascou Software Edition - URL Shortener (wse_us)

Saturday 23 October 2010 - http://projects.ez.no/wse_us

Download available here : http://www.wascou.org/eng/Software/URL-ShortenerThis extension is designed for the Content Management System eZPublish.Its aim is to provide a simple system that will allow users to get short urlsof an article, a folder, a video or any content.The features are :- Integrated system of urls filter : a key of 4 characters is generated at thepublication time and added into the URL. As it's unique for a node ID, it canmatch Google News requirements (limited to first version). For ex :http://my.domain.com/Solutions/Web-publishing/BastilleTurned in :http://my.domain.com/Solutions/Web-publishing/Bastille-004v- Accessible module that handles the key :http://my.domain.com/us/view/004vRedirect to :http://my.domain.com/Solutions/Web-publishing/Bastille-004v- Operator to encrypt / decrypt a key,- Specific configuration for Apache can reduce the number of characters,- Special template that contains an url of the short url, useful for mobileinterface and lazy people.

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